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Ideas Beyond Architecture

Easy to Deal with and with utmost confidence I can say that they can transform your ideas seamlessly in reality.

- Celebrity Chef
Shantanu Gupte

IBA has been the most compatible organization I have worked with. They know how to make more out of less.

- Namrata Bendre
Founder : Belita Salon

When it comes to versatility and uniqueness for yourself you should come to IBA. They can define and create a benchmark in whatever they do.

- Dharam Kataria Founder
Sai Anand Construction

I know IBA from the time of inception and they have been the most promising budding architects and interior designers. They reciprocate ownership for. Read More »

- Dr. Jitendra Dwivedi (Chairman) Trends Exports Pvt. Ltd.

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Triple Bottom Line

Our business Philosophy embraces triple bottom line approach created by famous British thinker John Elkington. The approach enables us to function within three mutually independent bottom lines i.e., People, Planet and Profit.



The true interpretation of client’s need remains our primary focus. At the same time, at IBA every stakeholder in the work (be it client, designer, consultant or a worker) is treated as a partner. As we strongly believe that a Good design and its execution is always collaborative. Hence, we encourage dialogue between client, design and executing team with a tacit sharing of our values and vision. With each work that we carryout we strive to add ‘value’ based on learning to our processes and always give due cognizance to conflicting views. We continuously strive to explore the full potential of the clients design brief and bring it to a flanking veracity.



The ancient Indian wisdom propounds that Universe is composed of five elements (Panchtatva) i.e. air (vayu), water (jal), fire (agni), earth (prithvi) and sky (akash). A human intervention in the designs of Universe can offer happiness only if there is harmony between the design and the five basic elements of creation. Thus IBA make every effort to bring about a perfect combination of all the ‘five tatvas’ and create a habitat which is seamlessly integrated to its larger environment. The designs thus created at IBA are essentially bioclimatic and Vastu complaint.



At IBA the traditional measure of corporate profit goes beyond the paradigm customary of ‘profit and loss accounts’. Every project is treated as an endeavor to create maximum value for our clients by optimizing on the three constraints i.e. Cost, Time and Scope. While quality at IBA is philosophy rather than an attribute. We believe in doing the things right in the first attempt. For this we resort to impeccable designing and planning of all the aspects of work before it is actually executed on ground.


Vision : We bring ideas to Fruition

Values : Our values DRIVE us towards creating a benchmark and accelerate our performance which are: