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Ideas Beyond Architecture

Easy to Deal with and with utmost confidence I can say that they can transform your ideas seamlessly in reality.

- Celebrity Chef
Shantanu Gupte

IBA has been the most compatible organization I have worked with. They know how to make more out of less.

- Namrata Bendre
Founder : Belita Salon

When it comes to versatility and uniqueness for yourself you should come to IBA. They can define and create a benchmark in whatever they do.

- Dharam Kataria Founder
Sai Anand Construction

I know IBA from the time of inception and they have been the most promising budding architects and interior designers. They reciprocate ownership for. Read More »

- Dr. Jitendra Dwivedi (Chairman) Trends Exports Pvt. Ltd.

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How will it look like…!!!

Oh YES this question comes once Again………It’s an art… Let me explain it with a simple example..

Don’t we see people laughing more on a same joke than us… Why does that happen?? You ask them and they will say I can imagine how it will look like.. In more easy words they can visualize it.

Interior Designing, Architecture or Urban Planning is a same kind of skill. You imagine it and then start giving it a shape.. It is a reverse process that happens.

If I ask you to use Orange, Blue, Grey , Brown together and develop something out of these colours How will you comprehend it? At first attempt it will all look like a huge mess… But it is possible.

Have a look at the image below…

imageimage (1)


It’s a mix of all those colours which I mentioned above, and it looks good right…

How that can be achieved comes from one rare capability that’s ART OF PROPORTION… “What goes with What” Google today can tell you but “How will it go” needs to be derived…

How paintings are BEAUTIFUL, BOLD, LOUD, SCREAMING, TONED, PACED, ALLURING, SOOTHING? All because of proportion of colours used and detailed.

In our industry we are living with that great art but it is not utilized to that maximum strength somehow… Many factors take it over like products quality, space, Time etc…How many of us still have that spark of taking Risk…

Let’s explore “THE BEYOND” and “PLAY NEW TUNES…” Let’s design and build spaces which speak OUT LOUD “I AM UNIQUE”.

Come and explore the newness with IBA Architects based in Mumbai.







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